Walter descending from the monument of the Barendrechtse brug. A warm summer night was falling. We were being eaten alive by mosquito's.
Probably it's no good technique to secure your parner with one hand and photograph him with the other!

Rotterdam buildering - Urban climbing

Everything is climbable - On this page you find the buildering projects of other climbers, and of course our own projects.By now we've climbed bridges, church towers, billboards, light masts, trees, steel arches, harbour quay's and containers. Other adventurers have climbed chimneys, air traffic control towers and transmission line towers. You'll find many pictures and reports on this page.

BTW - There are so many buildering projects by Jan van der Meulen that he's been given his own page.


Very exciting climbs by Heath Bunting - he climbs artworks.


Air traffic control towers

Chimneys / Smokestacks



Bridge swinging

Transmission line towers

Church towers,

outside & inside


Light masts

Steel constructions

Stacks of containers

Harbour quay's


Rope bridges
  • Rope bridges - good clean fun, still you can get wet ( is shown! ) or hurt

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