Billboard - Kethelplein, Vlaardingen

This billboard is at least 9 floors (30m) high.

It is situated along the Burgemeester Heusdenslaan at the crossing of the A4 and the A20.

The ladder starts at 7m above the ground. Once you're on the ladder you've won the battle. But getting up on it requires special techniques that are shown elsewhere on this website.

Looking straight down the ladder. There are many galleries with walkways. You could even sleep up here!

Imagine bringing a mattress, some candles and a camping-cooker.

I've been up here twice, once with Dennis and once with Walter. Both times no one noticed us.

You can see the top of the supporting pole of the billboard (the round thing with the two bolts).

Dennis couldn't resist rappelling down along the outside of the billboard. There are enough solid anchors here.

Notice the appartment buildings in the background. They're 7 floors high and we were much higher.

Dennis on his way down to "terra firma".

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1999 Petr Kazil - 18 September 1999