Botlek Bridge climb - July 2003
We were invited for the KRO TV programme "Remarkable Places of the Netherlands". I realized one of my long-time plans: climbing on the beams of the Botlek Bridge. Angelo was the main actor with help from Tijmen.
The very predictable opening shots of the programme. The actors are introduced. Angelo (Rotterdam) is the most courageous explorer of us all and climbs anything. Tijmen (Maastricht) studies Artificial Intelligence and he stumbled on UA/UE trough railtracking. He practices parapente but has a fear of heights.
Yours truly - with climbing gear and a Infiltration t-shirt. We leave Angelo's place by the collapsed staircase.
The Botlekbrug - one of the coolest bridges in the Rotterdam Harbour. It's one of the "old skool" bridges with rivets etc. We walk towards the target - it was hot and Angelo got quite a sunburn. It was the same day that the Tour de France conquered the Alp d'Huez.
The climb starts under the bridge, first the ladder and then the beams.
Look out for the boats and police cars under the bridge. They can see you.
The bridge is a pleasant and easy climbing playground.
Angelo's spectacular exit is filmed carefully.
To complete the circuit Tijmen climbs into one of the pylons of the bridge. These are hollow and they have a hole in the bottom.
Through the bottom hole you can exit under the bridge. And the camera team descends from the bridge the normal way.
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Angelo, Tijmen, Petr Kazil

July 2004