The arch of "Brezan Automaterialen"

Sunday 18 April 1999

At 8:00 I went climbing with Dennis. We climbed the 70m long arch of "Brezan Automaterialen". Dennis christened this route: "Steel Magnolia".

It's approximately 4+ in difficulty, there are lots of good holds. The exposure makes it hard, not the technical difficulty.

The easiest and least visible starting point is at the back of the building. There's a parking lot there. Adress: Hoogstad 203 - Vlaardingen.
Dennis at the highest point of the climb.

He was finishing his management study but he already had a job in a quality consulting firm. During the holidays he gave wind-surfing lessons in Italy at the Lago d'Idro. He bought climbing equipment and practiced rock-climbing and canyoning in his spare time.

Then he met a nice Italian girl and decided to move to Italy. I can understand that - it's a great country to live in.

So he simply gave up his job and left. During the summer he gave wind-surfing lessons again. When the season finished he started looking for a job in catering. In the winter he intends to go skiing and snowboarding in the mountains. Maybe he will become a ski instructor.

During the climb we were noticed by several people but no one called the police or asked us what we were doing.

We finished the climb by rappelling down the front of the building. The neon sign says "Brezan Car Parts".

The view from the top is quite nice.You are looking South. You can see the chimneys of the oil refineries at the other side of the river.

But you have to ignore the ugly roofs of all the shops and malls in the foreground ("do it yourself" and car shops). Nothing very inspiring. The sign says "Formido Building Market".

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