Light mast - Hanno site - Rotterdam

Sunday 4 October 1998 - At 14:30 I met Dennis and Patrick and we went to the Hanno-site at Katendrecht.

There we climbed a 20 meter lighting-mast (using the steel ladder).

On top was a platform of 2 * 2 meters.

I stayed on top taking pictures. Dennis attached his 70-meter rope at the top of the mast and rappelled (abseil) down.

Patrick did the same and then Dennis did it once again.

I was afraid something had gone wrong when he stayed put at 5 metres and started fiddling around with the rope. But he was only experimenting with prusik knots and with climbing back up the rope.

I was the chicken and I climbed down using the ladder. I have very little experience in rappelling and I need more practice before I try more dangerous adventures. It was windy and cold. Afterwards we went for a cappucino and we tried climbing into the parking garage at the Willemswerf (the Rotterdam justice court is there.) It was easy climbing, but we found it too conspicuous. It was a succesfull expedition.

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1998 Petr Kazil - 6 December 1998