Container climb - July 2003
We were invited for the KRO TV programme "Remarkable Places of the Netherlands". We explored one of the biggest "container canyons" and hauled the whole camera team on top of them.
From the Botlekbrug you can see the next harbour playground. Huge stacks of containers are stored here without any security. I'm always amazed by the weird atmosphere in these canyons of containers. It would be fun to convert one of these containers to a temporary home.
We pick a stack of tank containers. These have a handy ladder along the left side. This is easily climbable, even by camera men with camera's. The downside is that these don't stack as high (5) as the ordinary containers (8). But the ordinary containers require two trained climbers and full climbing gear.
The tank containers are climbable even without special protection - as Angelo demonstrates. But I prefer secured access and a I climb up with (soloing) gear and attach a solid top anchor. Now we can haul the whole team up.
Tijmen conquers his fear of heights, joins Angelo and gains a great view over container city. There is no fence and the drop is five floors down.
These shots were made by the camera man of the KRO. One by one I lowered the rest of the team and I was relieved when everyone was back on solid ground again.
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Angelo, Tijmen, Petr Kazil

July 2004