Hanno Light Mast - Katendrecht

Sunday 4 October 1998 - We climbed one of the light masts at the Hanno-site. You can see the climb in the "buildering" section. During this climb I also made some very nice view-pictures.

In fact it was a historic occasion and this is a historic view already. It did not stay this nice for long. Most of the large warehouses have been demolished by now. Appartment-buildings will be built here during 1999.

You are looking from the Basaltstraat (Harbour 1300) in the direction of Schiedam (West). On the left you can see the ventilation building of the Maastunnel (between the trees) and the Doktorenflat (behind the trees). Distance: only 0,5 km. The water on the left is the Maashaven. On the opposite site you see another light mast, just like the one we climbed. On the right, just above the "AH" you see the old warehouse at the St. Job harbour (0,75km). It's featured in the "abandoned buildings" section.

In this picture you're looking in the opposite direction, towards the city center. In the left corner you can see a part of the roof of the warehouse. In the distance you can see the Erasmus-bridge (1,7 km). It was cold, wet, hazy, weather, so this is the maximum viewing distance.

This is the South-East view, towards the Maashaven. You can see the gigantic grain-silo's (Quaker Oats and Meneba) in the background. Notice the "Hanno" name on the roof of the warehouse and the half-demolished state. I didn't dare to go inside, I hadn't bought a helmet at that time.

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