The Horn billboard - solo climb

This was my first solo billboard climb. I did it on a cold sunday morning in January. It was technically simple, but I was nervous, I didn't know if I would be spotted and arrested.

The view from the top was nice. I was practically invisible from the ground. Some people noticed me, but no one cared.

I used a klettersteig-set (two cow-tails). You fasten one end, climb higher, attach the other end and loosen the lower end. That way you're allways attached. At least in theory. At one point I noticed that neither of my two ends were atached. A small loss of concentration that might have big consequences.

This view from the top does not look very special. The usual industrial terrain. You are looking in the direction of the Van Brienenoord bridge. All the other pictures failed. - Now I've started to enjoy these strange, empty non-sites. They have a charm of their own. I also climbed a crane of the "De Boo" building materials shop. The view from the operator's cabin was slightly more interesting. I could have gone even higher, to the top of the crane's arm.

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1999 Petr Kazil - 18 September 1999