Deserted buildings
Former windmill in Nieuwerkerk. Was converted to electricity and now abandoned. Deserted buildings are rare in The Netherlands. Especially in the area where I live where every square meter is immediately reused and civilized.

Some can be found in the harbour where new housing projects are planned. Some lie along the rivers ouside Rotterdam and some are situated along along the railroad-tracks that are swallowed by the growing city.

I found most buildings by luck or by systematic exploration. Just drive through al the interesting spots and look. A bicycle is ideal for this. Sometimes you find information at the "City Information Centre" where they publish all the new building projects. And artist often make art in old buildings so keep an eye on the art-projects.

Always bring a plastic bag to take a few "archaelogical finds" home with you. I usually collect: bits of concrete, stones, bolts and nuts, old letters etc. Anything that sheds a light on the history and the occupants of the building.

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  • Some deserted spots and buildings I found in spring 2003. Here.
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August 2003