Fertilizer terminal -2- Waalhaven

Being with two people has a lot of advantages. You dare to do a lot of things you wouldn't try on your own. For example climbing into the large machine on the quay. Here Dan is standing two floors high on an intermediate platform. We could have gone even higher. Notice the gigantic cogwheel he is leaning against.
A bit further down the quay you find this building. It's the back-side of a large warehouse shed. Go up the stairs, up the ladder, up the spiral staircase and into the open door.
A walkway runs just under the roof and goes all the way to the other side of the shed. It's three floors up here. Down in the dark we could see a truck and some undefinable wares.

The view down the quay would be great if it was not raining. Still, the misty atmosphere is quite appropriate. And if it rains you are less likely to be detected.

Dan is a sound collector. We spent some time looking for a wailing, whistling sound down here, but we were unable to find the exact source. It seemed to come from diferent places, as if it's position was dependent on the wind direction.

You are looking toward the South-East, towards the Spoorweghaven. Visibility is approximately 750m.

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1999 Petr Kazil - 31 January 1999