Fertilizer terminal - Waalhaven
Pictures by Dan Armstrong

Climbing the spiral staircase. At the top you reach a bridge running under the top of the roof. It spans the whole length of the building. We startled some pigeons. In the dark below we saw some trucks.

The view from the spiral staircase is representative for the older parts of the Rotterdam harbour. It is very small scale compared with the automated, high volume, container terminals at the other side of the water.

At the middle floor of the large crane. Notice the large cogwheel and the enormous amount of rust. The light and the colours of this picture are fantastic if you take into account that it was grey, rainy weather. Dan's comment is:

Yes, Dan's Dutch is quite good for an American. And I converted some of his pictures to black and white to save loading time. The one's with nice colours I left intact.

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1999 Petr Kazil, Dan Armstrong - 11 April 1999