Dutch Tunnels and Holes


International Underground

The best underground places aren't found in Rotterdam and not even in The Netherlands. They are in Belgium and Germany. Let's start with the best ones here:

Drains in Germany
Underground Prague
  • I walked (almost) all the rest of the Botic stream and found a lot of tunnels and drains.
  • The Botic (1) A small stream that sometimes t runs underground. Here.
  • Cerny Most - The first drain we discovered in Prague. Here.
Underground Belgium

The soil of Holland does not lend itself to tunneling. Each hole you make in the ground fills with water. The ground is soft and wet, like a sponge. This makes tunneling very difficult and expensive. Any large tunnel that is made under these conditions is expensive and vital. Therefore the tunnels are all very well protected with camera's alarms etc.

The big Rotterdam Tunnels:

Metro, Train, Car and Cable

College tunnels
Bridges and bridge rooms

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