The cable tunnel

In April I gave an interview for Rotterdam City Radio. There I met a manager from the Rotterdam Port Authority. He listened to my exploits and then asked if I knew about the (private) cable-tunnel under the river. One of his colleagues was the caretaker of this tunnel. He might be able to arrange a legal visit. In May I got the promised tour of this tunnel. It was very impressive.

From the entrance you descend 20 m down the stairs. This depth was necessary to find a suitable sand-layer for the tunnel-drilling machine.
The tunnel starts in a large cavernous space. But the tunnel itself is only 3,6m wide.
It's 400m long. It's so well kept, lighted and so high-tech that you don't notice that you're so deep uderground. A nice feat of civil engineering.

I've promised my guide not to give any more details and not to publish any other pictures.

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2000 Petr Kazil