Erasmus college tunnels - Spring 1999
The only college tunnels I've been able to find in Rotterdam (yet). They're only 30m long but they're open all the time. And the University has also a few other sights.
I spent two pleasant years at the Erasmus University doing a post-doc course on IT-Auditing and computer security. Each Friday I attended college in one of the unremarkable side buildings. During lunch break I escaped to the library or went on reconnaisance trips through the extensive campus.
Some parts of the building are complex and interconnected. During one of my strolls I discovered these two doors (T-building, near room AT27). They led to a small maze of tunnels. A part of the maze belongs to the IT-department. (Why do they always put nerds underground?). Most doors are locked.

old B/W new color

In those days I didn't yet know how to digitize my video pictures, so I took two photographs, scanned them on the old B/W scanner at work, and put these two bleak underground pictures on the web.

old B/W new color

Recently I was looking through some old video tapes and I realized that I had made a tour of the campus with the camera. Not only did I have color pictures, but I had some more sights to show.

A few more colourful impressions from the underground. Since these tunnels are publicly accessible I was afraid of someone coming in and seeing me with my camera: "Why are you filming here?" - "Uhh ..." (I still wouldn't know what to say.)
Then in another stairway you'll stumble upon several of these ventilation shafts. Most of these don't go anywhere. You'll just feel a lot of wind. But one of these leads to a bigger door.
Unfortunately - when I found this opening I only had my video camera, no flashlight. There are some mysterious installations in the dark space, but I can't show them more clearly than this.
Finally I looked for a way to the roof. There is one, but the door is securely locked. The only thing you get is a nice view - through very, very dirty windows. And nice acoustic effects from the elevator machine room.
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