Under the bridges of Rotterdam

The trip starts on the Zaagmolenkade. This is the "Zaagmolenbrug". It has small, but nice "art deco" ornaments.

Originally I intended to make this trip in my rubber boat and then it would have been a real adventure. But this year they opened a new tourist attraction where you can hire canoes and water-bicycles. You are supposed to go towards the "Rotte-meren", into the nature. But they don't mind if you go into town.

Because my adventure had been spoiled in this way I decided to make it another family-trip and we went into town by water-bicycle. Halfway we stopped and had a cup of "cappucino".

The chalk from the bridge has made small "stalactites". This is near the Generale Bank building.

Pigeons nesting on heaps of pigeon-shit. I read that this is not wise of these birds. The young pigeons exit the nest before they can fly and they fall into the water and drown. - And there are far too many pigeons, they're sick and genetically degenerated. The authorities call them "flying rats".

You pass under 9 bridges on the way. Most of them look like this.

The water is clear and it looks very clean. No bad smells anywhere.

This is the endpoint of the trip. You are almost under "Plein 1940" with the Zadkine-statue. I was told that before the war there was a connection to the "real" harbor (Leuvehaven) on the other side of the wall. Notice there round grille in the lower left corner (behind the bicycle). Maybe a connection still exitst, but you cannot go through it.

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1998 Petr Kazil - 14 November 1998