Strange urban places

The discovery of undervalued space

The Botlektunnel at night -
down there it's busy, up here it's lonely -
the Botlekbrug is just visible in the background.
Some urban spots have a lot of atmosphere, but they are undervalued. The place looks un-spectacular, non-attractive or it is outside the normal route. Sometimes access is difficult. But once discovered, it shows it's unique character.

The attraction of these places is their loneliness. Maybe hundreds of people are driving over your head in their cars. Maybe several trains pass by carrying another load of people. But they are completely unaware of you. And they would never think of going where you are. It's just like on the top of a mountain, above the clouds. Steel mountains, concrete cliffs, seas of dirty sand and grass. I like to be in those places. It's a kind of meditation. Forgive me for being romantic.

Bridges People don't often stop and look at a bridge. They're going somewhere and they don't have time to stop. And almost no one will take the trouble to look under the bridge. Only tramps and criminals do that ...
Just industry I know it causes pollution and global warming, but heavy industrial sites are always exciting to look at. Brute force in action:
Islands in the city These beautiful places are public secrets. They're accesible, but they're outside all the normal routes. You have to know they're there, otherwise you'll never find them.
Railways, Yards and Train Viaducts Again, romantic places that are hidden in plain view:
Ghostly places

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