Bridge A20 - Near Gouda

In my previous job I've crossed this bridge many times while driving my car to Arnhem. In my current job I pass under this bridge often while taking the train to The Hague. Like many people I've never given much thought to this place untill I discovered "urban adventuring".

It's easy to slip underneath. Following the bicycle path on the left you find several places where you can creep into the bushes and onto the bridge area.

Then you cross under the old arched bridge (steel, nuts and bolts) and you can sit betweeen the two bridges. The other bridge is a modern concrete affair, flat and massive.

You can sit unnoticed under the bridges and watch the trains drive by. You are not the first visitor. There have been others before you: graffiti, old fireplaces.

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1998 Petr Kazil - 18 August 1998