Border Crossings & Boundaries

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Sellingen - Grenspaal 176 - 176ii

A tiny border crossing at the highest point of Groningen province. With a historic border-marker and a bunker.

Westerbork - Radio boundary

Another kind of border. The radio interference-free zone around the radio telescopes.

Venlo - Grenspaal 456

An artist who bought a Russian rocket on the border between Holland and Germany.

Ter Apel - Grenspaal 169

A very rainy border crossing in the north of The Netherlands. With lots of water.

Arnhem - Grenspaal 687a

A deserted border crossing between The Netherlands and Germany. With a closed bank.


I'm not the only one who's interested in the Dutch borders and border markers. There are at least two other border hunters out there:


Grenspaal = border marker in Dutch. I left this word in Dutch, so that the search engines can find it.

Nijmegen - Grenspaal 639

A deserted money-changing office at the border crossing between Nijmegen and Kleve. With a nice road-surface transition at the borderline.

Bourtange - Grenspaal 180i - 180v - 181i

A small border crossing near Boutange. With a lot of border markers and a monument for the border.

Klazienaveen - Grenspaal 160xi

A smallish border crossing between Drente and Germany. With nice pipeworks for gas and water.