Brienenoordbrug - Willemsbrug
Two Bridges and a Dive - June 1986

I don't have many details of this climb. When I interview Jan once again I will fill in the holes.

The Story

Jan and Peter first rappelled down the Brienenoord-bridge. Then they swam under water (using diving gear) to the next bridge, the Willems-bridge. They climbed the Willemsbrug and rappelled down on rollerskates.

The Technique

The Willembsbrug is a modern bridge. It has two vertical pylons that are supported by cables (something like the Golden Gate bridge).

You take a sling and tie it around one of the cables. You clip the other end into your climbing harness. This is strong enough to carry your weight and gives you enough friction to prevent you from slipping down. You can tie a thin rope between the sling and one of your wrists. Then you pull up the sling automatically as you climb up. It is a tiring, but effective method to get up.

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