Sky objects - summer 2003 to winter 2005
I'm always jealous of the mysterious, suggestive photographs in the British UFO Magazine. And since the unhappy events of 9/11 I've realized how many airplanes there are in my sky at any moment.
It's been reported that at any moment the populace of a whole city is airborne.
My kitchen window faces West and besides beautiful sunsets I see a lot of things in the sky. I haven't seen a UFO yet, and I don't expect to see one, for obvious reasons. Neither have I seen a satellite, a meteor or a planet. But I see a lot of airplanes and birds. It's more difficult to catch a bird in flight than an aeroplane.
I hope you will enjoy this mosaic. I've cut 200*150 pixel pieces out of my 720*576 video grabs.
In the meantime I've also added pictures taken with an Olympus digital camera. No processing was done on the details. I'm very happy with all the different shades of blue and grey. And some objects indeed look mysterious.
Balloon (Bleiswijk, Brussels):

Blimp (Germany, Switzerland, Prague):

Water bottle, water rocket:

High airplane:

Helicopter (Holland, Switzerland, Germany):


Low airplane:

Sun (through several kinds of filters):


Lens flare / dirt on glass:


Overexposed sun on a webcam:

Parapente / parachute:

UFO hoax:

UFO transmission tower (Brussels):



Water droplet:

Film development blemish:

Insect (housefly, moth):

Transmission line ball (Switzerland):

Reflections on far away windows (other side of lake):

Restaurant lights on far away mountain:


Stone, brick:


Light on far mountain (Switzerland):

Car headlights:


If you've scrolled all the way to here, you'll probably have noticed that I've cheated here and there. The UFO is an obvious fraud case. Less obvious are the pictures of the landing airplane where you can see the taillights. These pictures were taken near Zestienhoven airport while we were exploring a burnt out oil factory. The pictures of the hot air balloons were taken in Rotterdam, Germany and Brussels.
Some sunsets were taken through eclipse-sunglasses, this produces a weird effect. Other sun pictures were taken through a CD. You cannot point a video camera at the sun directly.
I was very surprised at how elegant the birds look in flight. I had never looked at them in this way. And notice that there are high- and low flyers. Seagulls are high flyers and magpies and blackbirds are low flyers.

Citing Russell Kellet from UFO magazine (may 2003, p. 40):

  • Nothing quite beats stepping outdoors and staring at the heavens. It's the best free show in town, and more often than not can spring a surprise for those below.
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